Saint Daniel Statue (Patron of Prisoners)

Model: PW777-12

Product Description

  • Dimensions: 2 1/2" to 3" in height & 1" to 2" in width
  • Metal: Solid pewter –
  • Features: Intricately crafted, and designed with the individual characteristics of the Saint –
  • Lifetime Guarantee by Creed –
  • Handcast in the U.S.A. –

    Patron Saint: Prisoners

    Also Known as: Daniel of Padua

    Memorial: January 3rd

    Additional Patronages: Women whose Husbands are at war

    Born: Early 100 AD

    Died: 168 in Padua, Italy

    Why he is venerated by the Holy Roman Catholic Church:

    Martyred for his Faith in Christ


    All of the Statues and Statuette figurines we offer are made by Creed, which is widely recognized as producing the "World’s Finest Religious Masterpieces" for over 100 years. This piece is die struck by hand using solid pewter bars in the old tradition, and undergoes several separate procedures. Only the finest materials are used to masterfully craft your statue or statuette. Our commitment to excellence is a time honored tradition for over 5 generations. Our guarantee is for a lifetime.