St. Leonard (Patron of Apprentices)

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To the greater glory of God with heartfelt thanksgiving

My God and Father! May these lines continue to show my feelings for you even after I am gone! May they speak for me when I am in the silence of the tomb, revealing what I hold in my heart and somehow express the sincerity of my repentance.

-St Leonard Murialdo

Memorial: March 30th

Born: October, 1828

Died: March, 1900 of Natural Causes in Turin, Italy

Beautified: November, 1963

Canonized: May, 1970

Why he is venerated by the Holy Roman Catholic Church:

Born to a very wealthy yet extremely Pious family who educated him in the top Catholic Universities in the world

Priest of the Church of the Visitation

Directed an impoverished College in Italy. Turned the College into a successful University

Founded the Society of St. Joseph of Turin to support Catholic Apprentices

Founded a center for deliquent boys, which is now called the Girls and Boys Club

Supported the Catholic Workers Union and was in part responsible for the 8 hour work day