St. Lawrence (Patron of Comedians)

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Saint Lawrence medal

Patron Saint: Comedians

Prayer of St Lawrence:

O Laurence, thou David, thou great-martyr, Thou mighty warrior and judgment-seat of the Emperor, Thou didst set at nought the blood-stained hands Of thy tormentors. Thou wast a follower of Him Who is desirable and mighty, Who with His hand alone can conquer the cruel despot’s strongholds, And Whose love maketh His warriors holy, And generous with their blood. Insofar as thou sawest Him in the loss of this present life,
Thou didst scorn the emblems of the Cæsar, and laugh the judge’s threats to scorn. In vain it is the headsman rendeth thy fingernails, It is in vain the pyre’s burning thy gridiron doth enfold. The impious man, the City’s prefect grieveth, Conquered by a broiled fish—the food of Christ. This honeycomb of the Lord rejoiceth, living with Him, Rising again with Him, filled to the full with Christ. O Laurence, wreathed with laurel amongst warriors, O unconquerable David of the everlasting King: Ever entreat with Him to pardon His lowest servants, O martyr and mighty foot-soldier!

Memorial: August 10th

Born: Spain

Died: August, 258 in Italy

Additional Patronages: Restauranteurs, Cooks and butchers

Why he is venerated by the Holy Roman Catholic Church:

Protected the treasures of the Church when Christianity was outlawed in Rome

Caring for the poor

Martyr by gridiron