St. Hugh (Patron of Sick Children)

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Patron Saint: Sick Children

Additional Patronages: Swans

Also Known as: Hugh of Lincoln and Hugh of Burgundy

Born: 1135 in Burgundy, France

Died: November, 1200 in England of Natural Causes

Memorial: November 17th

Why he is revered by the Holy Roman Catholic Church:

Monk at 15

Deacon at 19

Abbot of the English Carthusian Monastery built by King Henry II

Known for his exceptional Piousness and Humility, many visited his Monastery and Converted to Christ as a result

Bishop of Lincoln

Responsible for the restoration of Clerical Discipline

Frequently faced angry mobs and forced them to release their victims

Miracles of Nature: He befriended a wild Swan that would visit him when he was awake and protect him in his sleep, letting him know if his help was needed or if there was impending danger