St. Dorothy (Patron of Florists)

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Patron Saint: Florists

Also Known as: Dorothy of Caesarea

Name Means: Gift of God

Died: February, 311

Memorial: February, 6th

Additional Patronages: Gardeners, Brides and Newlyweds

Why she is venerated by the Holy Roman Catholic Church:

Vowed to Virginity and refused to Marry

Refused to worship or sacrifice to idols

Martyr by torture during the Christian persecutions of Diocletion

Miracles: Mocked by a pagan lawyer during her trial, he told St. Dorothy to retrieve some fruits from the Garden of Jesus Christ your Bridegroom. Before Dorothy was executed, an angel delivered out-of-season fruits and flowers to the lawyer. The lawyer converted to Christ and was also eventually Martyred. The lawyers name was Theophilis.