St William of Rochester / Round Patron Series


Model: 7114RDSS/24S
Size: Large (7114RD)
Dimensions: 1 x 5/8
Material: Sterling Silver

Product Description

Sterling Silver St. William of Rochester Pendant on a 24 inch Stainless Silver Heavy Curb Chain

Patron Saint: Adopted Children

Additional Patronages: Bakers

Also Known as: William of Rochester or William of Perth

Born: 12th Century in Scotland

Died: 1201 in Rochester, England

Canonized: 1256 by Pope Innocent IV

Memorial: May 23rd

Why he is venerated by the Holy Roman Catholic Church:

Exceptionally devout in the care for the poor, most notably the children

Worked as a Baker and gave every tenth loaf he made to the poor

Adopted the Baby David whom he found abandoned in the street. Taught him his trade.

Martyr: As a young man, David went on a Pilgrimage to the Holy Lands with St. William. There, David cut St. William’s throat and took all of his belongings.

Miracles: An insane Women found St. William dead in the street, and placed a flower on his chest. She was immediately cured of her mental illness

Local Monks realized this Miracle and built a shrine for St. William. Miracles have been reported at the site and confirmed by The Holy See. The Shrine can still be found next to St. Williams Hospital in England.

Saint William sterling silver large medal

Saint William sterling silver medal

Saint William 22KT gold over sterling silver medal

Saint William 14KT gold medal