Saint Leo The Great Oval Charm Medal

Saint Leo The Great All Sterling Charm Medal


Model: 8120SS/18SS

Product Description


Sterling silver St. Leo the Great medal on an 18 inch sterling silver lite curb chain

Size: 1/2″ L X 3/4″ H (Slightly smaller than an oval nickel)

Chain: Sterling silver

Patron Saint: Rome

Additional Patronages: Artists and standing up for yourself

Also Known as: Pope Saint Leo the Great

Memorial: November 10th

Born: 400 in Tuscany, Italy

Died: April, 461 in Rome

Name Means: Lion

Virtue is nothing without the trial of temptation, for there is no conflict without an enemy, no victory without strife.

-Pope Saint Leo the Great

Why he is venerated by the Holy Roman Catholic Church:

Exceptional student and teacher in Theology

Legendary writer and homilist



Doctor of the Church

Built many Churches and wrote insightful and eloquent letters to his followers, in the effort to convince them to teach and educate their neighbors to the sanctity of the Catholic Church. These writings exist still today as relics in Rome.


At the gates of Rome, Attila the Hun was preparing to advance into the city when Pope Leo confronted him, and pleaded with him not to march in. At that moment, Attila witnessed the vision of a ghostly man with a very large sword and dressed as a Pope. The man threatened to singlehandedly destroy Attila’s army if they did not leave right now. Attila accepted and left. The man was thought to be St. Peter, who Pope Leo revered since childhood.

Personally defended Rome twice from being sacked and destroyed. He did it again at a negotiating table with Geiseric the Vandal. Although much of Rome’s material wealth was stolen that day, the city remained intact. Rome in many ways owes it’s modern existence to Pope Leo.