Saint Leonard Medal and Chain (Patron: Against Robberies)

Model: SS727-32-20

Product Description

St. Leonard Patron Saint Medal in Sterling Silver for the Prayer and Intercession Against Robberies

  • Dimensions: 3/4" diameter (about the size of a nickle) -
  • Metal: Sterling silver
  • Features: Thick outlayed St. Leonard portrait & inlayed black lettering
  • Includes: 20" stainless chain –
  • Lifetime Guarantee by Creed –
  • Handcrafted in the U.S.A. –

    Also Known as: St. Leonard of Noblac

    Memorial: November 6th

    Born: Late 400′s

    Died: 559

    Additional Patronages: Prisoners, Childbirth, POW’s, Coalminers, Locksmiths, Grocers, Miners, Porters and Against Burglaries and France

    Why he is venerated by the Holy Roman Catholic Church:

    Remarkably austere, devout and pious


    Converted tens of thousands to Catholicism

    Hermit who left the city to live in a cave, but was followed by hundreds of people begging to stay with him. He in turn built and founded a monastery for them.

    Largely responsible for Catholicism in France


    Leonard was a noble and part of the King of the Franks’ (modern France) court. He was however a devout Christian, and the Queen of the Franks’ knew this. During a bitter war with northern Gaul (modern Germany), the Queen suggested that St. Leonard be asked for help on how to turn to God. Most of the country was pagan. St. Leonard led mass Catholic prayers, and the tide had turned on the war and it was eventually won. Thousands converted the Catholicism, including the King and Queen.

    Spent his life and used his influences with the King and the nobles of France to release prisoners of all kind, so they could be converted to Christ. He was able to convert all of them.

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