Saint Cecilia Large Silver Oval Charm Medal


Model: 7016SS/24S
Size: Large (7016)
Dimensions: 1 x 3/4
Material: Sterling Silver

Product Description

Sterling silver St. Cecilia large oval charm medal on a 24 inch heavy curb chain

Size: 3/4″ L X 1″ W (Similar to an oval quarter)

Chain: Silver plated

Patron Saint: Musicians

Additional Patronages: Poets, Singers and Martyrs

Feast Day: Nov. 22nd

Born: Late 90 AD

Died: 117 AD, Rome

Prayer of St Cecilia:

O glorious saint, who chose to die
Instead of denying your King.
We pray you please to help us
As His fair praise we sing!

We lift our hearts in joyous son
To honor Him this way,
And while we sing, remembering,
To sing is to doubly pray.

At once in our hearts and in our tongues
We offer double prayer
Sent heavenward on winged notes
To praise God dwelling there.

While in our hearts and tongues we try
With song to praise God twice,
We ask dear saint, to help us be
United closed to Christ!

Why she is venerated by the Holy Roman Catholic Church:

Gave music to the Church

Gave proper burials to Christian Martyrs when Christianity was outlawed in Rome

Was Martyred by beheading for the proper burials

Miracle at Tomb – Body found in 1599 uncorrupted with the scent of Roses