Saint Nicole Medal (Patron of Lost Family Members)

Model: VP529-228-18

Product Description

  • Dimensions: 5/8" diameter (about the size of a dime) –
  • Metal: 22KT gold over sterling silver –
  • Features: Lightly outlayed St. Nicole portrait & outlayed lettering
  • Includes: 18" gold plated chain –
  • Lifetime Guarantee by Creed –
  • Handcrafted in the U.S.A. –

    Patron Saint: Loss of Family Members

    Name Means: Victorious Army

    Also Known as: St. Colette of Corbie

    Born: January, 1381

    Died: March, 1447 of Natural Causes

    Beautified: 1604 by Pope Clement VIII

    Canonized: May, 1807

    We must faithfully keep what we have promised. If through human weakness we fail, we must always without delay arise again by means of holy penance, and give our attention to leading a good life and to dying a holy death. May the Father of all mercy, the Son by his holy passion, and the Holy Spirit, source of peace, sweetness and love, fill us with their consolation. Amen.

    - Saint Colette, in her spiritual testament to her sisters

    Why she is venerated by the Holy Roman Catholic Church:

    Franciscan Tertiary

    Hermitess and Visionary: – Remained in a cell for days on end with just a window and enough water to subsist. She did this to free herself of outside influence and focus entirely on her visions

    Vision of St. Francis of Assisi instructing her to re-establish the Poor Claires, who spread the Message of Christ as missionaries, but did not accept money from anyone

    Ecstacy: Was devout in the Passion of Christ, would Meditate and Pray for days experienceing constant and intense visions of Christ

    Prophetess: Foretold the day of her death

    Life of a Saint:

    Founded the Colletines branch of the Poor Claires


    Founded 14 Convents

    Aided in the Healing the French Papal Schism, and is partially responsible for the returning of the Catholic Church to Rome in the late 1300’s

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